Snakey – Our Childhood Snake Game With A Unique Twist

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We were introduced to snake games from the beginning and every day new snake gaming apps are launched in the market. Though there are many apps, only a few are gripping when you want to relax your way out. I recently downloaded one such game that has come with a new twist of the older snake game. The studious and innovative team of Tupilak gaming, has given us Snakey.

Snakey belongs to the arcade category and comes with 6 different challenging levels. The levels are Mission, Challenge, Impossible, Dark, Speedy and Endless. Each level poses you different challenges and the games get tougher as you progress. The app puts your hand and eye coordination skills to a test. The more the distance you cover by collecting more diamonds on the path, you score more. Using these, you can unlock the different snakes in the game. The app plays an energetic music at the background to make it more engrossing.

In the mission mode, you have to accomplish some mission like cover 50 meters, 75 meters without getting hurt by the blocks. In the challenge mode, at each stage, you are required to collect certain number of coins. You must be aware of the blocks that are always there to hit. Next comes the impossible level. This one is the craziest of all as it seems impossible when you start playing. Here your visibility is decreased and the snake speed is increased. This mode is bound to increase your adrenaline rush as the snake moves crazily.

With Speedy level, you definitely need a lot of practice as the snake crawl is really very fast. The Dark level, I found to be more challenging as it restricts your view to a small circle and so you are left to find path in the dark and succeed. In the Endless mode as the name sounds, the snake crawl is unlimited excluding extra missions or challenges.

Snakey’s menu also has options that allow you to turn on/off the BGM, rate the app and share scores with others via social media. The controls of the game are so smooth with a simple and sleek two touch to move the snake left and right. The game is so colorful and the HD graphics are neat. It also offers more thrill and it gets interesting every single time you play and you may never want to put it down.

Rated 3+, Snakey can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS devices. What are you still waiting for? Play more and have more fun with the unique Snakey app.

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