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Usually when disputes happen or arguments erupt, dragging a poor friend into the fray to mediate is one of the most tried methods of helping to resolve the problem. That doesn’t really work. Your friend is unlikely to be a neutral third-party, and I can say from experience that being thrust into the middle of a dispute between friends isn’t a pleasant experience.

Jury lets you take somebody to court without actually taking them to court. The app helps settle disputes regarding anything from contract negotiations to sibling or spousal disputes. It can help to resolve more serious arguments but is also a great bit of fun. Especially if the argument is silly.

Each party selects 6 jurors. The jury is always anonymous and from all over the world (any user can become a juror). You upload your evidence and they vote one way or the other, just like a real trial.

After the trial and the jury have cast their vote, you don’t legally need to do anything about it. The value of the app lies in having the opinions of 12 neutral individuals to help you resolve a dispute in a more civil manner.

Perhaps both of your emotions were clouding your judgement, and somebody’s more objective view of the situation has made the conflict easier to resolve. Or maybe you just want to say “I told you so” and rub it in the other person’s face. Whatever the reason for using the app, it can help provide valuable conflict resolution when you can’t resolve it on your own.

For more information and a demo of Jury, visit https://hutchiesinc.com, the App Store or Google Play. 

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