Zipcodebase – The Simple Solution to Get the Distance, Radius, and Location of Zip Codes

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Zip codes can be a confusing mess, when we need to organize a coding manually. Coding can also be a tough process to begin from nowhere as we know there are hundreds of codes for each and every country, city or state in the world. It would be nice to have an API that allows you to get the zip codes of different places on the globe.

Zipcodebase is a simple app to use and it makes pulling zip codes a breeze. With the right API, we have more opportunities. Some of the common uses of an API are the ability to convert zip code to city/town and vice versa, pull zip codes from a nearby radius, get the distance between two zip codes and collect the list of zip codes within a given radius and so on. All of this can be easily achieved with this awesome web app named, Zipcodebase.

Zipcodebase gives a wide collection of endpoints with the complete documentation that you might need. This is for sure, one of the coolest APIs I’ve ever been using with a free plan that processes 10,000 API calls per month as you register. The app comes with many plans to fit the needs of different companies, either small or large. The plans are small, medium, large, very large and custom at varying prices of $75, $240, $800, $2000 and custom priced respectively on a monthly basis. 

All the plans of Zipcodebase come on a monthly basis and users can avail a discount of 20% when they subscribe for an annual plan. The number of requests processed monthly, concurrent requests, support (email or personal), service level agreement, HTTPS encryption, onboarding(self-service or concierge) all depend upon the plan you choose. The Zipcodebase is highly scalable and performs well even when you process a high volume of data. The search results of zip code API are returned in an easily readable JSON format and they can be integrated into any application with much ease.

The data that is delivered by Zipcodebase is up-to-date and so it is always accurate. The app helps us choose between the plans and they only charge us for what we use. There are no hidden charges or agreements. All the plans can be cancelled, upgraded or downgraded whenever we prefer.

The team will help resolve all your queries at the earliest instant possible when you reach them through mail or through the contact form on the website. Zipcodebase is one simple & fast API that will deliver optimal results as you integrate it into your apps and systems.

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