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A chronic disease but worth for producing various sub-complications that ruins our daily life, yeah!! the name is Diabetes Mellitus. As we know that there are two types of Diabetes, Type 1&2 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes must take regularly because they are dependent on it. And whoever maintain their blood sugar level through diet, medications, and artificial insulin, they are in Type 2 Diabetes. Most of the people in the age above 45 are now affected by the low amount of insulin secretion by the cause of their sedentary lifestyle and improper food habits.

A case study reports that 20% of people with Diabetes are in Depression and above 40% of people suffering from anxiety, these conditions are deadlier than their diabetes. We can’t help ourselves to reduce the cause of these conditions. If a normal person was affected by depression and anxiety it increases the risk of getting impaired fasting glucose and it leads to Diabetes.

“Quin: Diabetes management” app is intended to usage for the patients with insulin-treated diabetes and who don’t take blood glucose-lowering medications like Glucophage. Quin is CE marked medical device and Quin technology is ISO certified for the medical device software for the management of diabetes.

The “Quin: Diabetes Management” app is specially made for the persons who are all affected by Diabetes, it improves your knowledge on usage of insulin and also gives proper guidance in diabetic food language.

Quin is a free regulated app, it helps to understand how your food habits and insulin affects your digestion and what kind of treatments and measures you had to take in the future. This app produces in the graphical record of blood glucose levels every 5 hours based on previous readings and food inputs which you recorded.

Also, you can calculate how to dose insulin for every kind of meal you have taken and you can analyze your dose and need for a treatment, you can have personalized carb portion sizes and for each meal then you can plan your supper according to this calculation which quite helpful to maintain the blood sugar level.

Quin reminds your insulin dose accurately in the background to keep you updated with notifications, which helps on your future insulin decision making.

Every adult with Diabetes should use this app, it will help you to improve your understanding of diabetes. Diabetes is not a disease it’s just an improper condition of your body and you can get rid of the ignorance of diabetic management through the Quin app. So get the Quin app and throw your fear apart from diabetes.

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