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Meet the Good Workshop web app that will automate your next breakthrough. They are providing custom workshop experiences in a few clicks at a fraction of the cost.

They believe that designing product and service innovations from the start can make them more accessible, easier to navigate, and add value to your company culture. The Good WorkshopTM is based on real-world experiences and employs technology to improve your internal-facing innovation processes.

Through research and benchmarking, we are constantly improving our tool. You can now create products and services that are truly empowering.

Start Your Workshop       

  • Auction off your workshop necessities.
  • Streamline your innovation workflow.
  • Using business questions, you can find your answers.
  • Define your key performance indicators (KPIs) in collaboration with stakeholders.
  • With real-time ratings, you can track, measure, and improve.
  • Simple permissions allow you to delegate features remotely.
  • Manage all phases and participants through a single system.
  • With simple clicks, you can have your best-in-class innovation process.
  • Keep an eye on and improve your innovation stack.
  • Use journey and persona libraries.
  • Report builder can help you speed up presentations.

Who will benefit from The Good Workshop?

The TGW platform is intended for CEOs, Product Managers, and Investors seeking to balance autonomy and alignment with increased accountability.

They can start a new product innovation, manage SoWs, design-thinking workshops, automate project setups, and introduce their own innovation stack. You can regain control of all the moving parts in the early stages of innovation.

Perfect for

  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Digital Product Design Firms
  • Large Enterprise Consulting Firms
  • Internal Innovation Labs and Internal Studios
  • Freelance Project Managers and Facilitators of Design Thinking

TGWTM can be used to

  • Implement a KPI-driven innovation process.
  • Increase investor visibility
  • Streamline the procurement process.
  • Design thinking should be standardized.
  • Manage the design of E2E products.
  • Scale-up methods of innovating
  • Fewer super admins

Final Say

You can significantly increase your impact by using advanced innovation methods at scale. You can also create dynamic playbooks and take on more complex challenges. With best-in-class methodologies, you can go from signup to workshop plan in a few clicks.

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