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We can say that there is no single app/service that allows for exchange of cryptocurrencies without any mishaps/interruptions. When we choose an exchange service to buy or exchange bitcoins we have to consider many elements like payment methods, fees, privacy, reputation, speed, customer support and a lot more. One app that comes one size fit for all that was mentioned above is Changelly.

Sold by Fintechvision Limited on both the AppStore and the PlayStore, Changelly is a bitcoin and altcoin exchange app that allows you to buy or swap cryptocurrencies with the exchange platforms. This Finance app is very simple and easy to use. It allows you to get the money in your wallet and facilitates transfer of several bitcoins, altcoins and tokens.

The one thing that you must do is to choose a crypto pair that you wish to exchange. Later, you must ensure that you are fine with the market’s best rate and a commission fee of 0.25%.  Changelly works with many trading platforms to help you send the exact amount to the address specified and makes the exchange for you and gets whatever it is that you want into your wallet.

The Most Notable Features of Changelly are as follows:

  • Changelly is a non-custodial service that works instantly and has high exchange limits and they cover your network fees as well.
  • It helps you exchange more than 150 cryptocurriencies without any hassles and you can’t find any other app with such extensive features.
  • It allows to exchange the exact amount you want to at a fixed rate and there are no additional fees or hidden charges in the app.
  • The company Changelly offers you exchange of cryptocurrencies at a very less commission of 0.25% with just a small fee to send the transaction on the blockchain.
  • Changelly has a watch list that allows you to add coins for a quick and easy access.
  • The team of Changelly works 24/7 and they just provide clients with the proper guidance so that they can gain more knowledge regarding exchange of bitcoins and protect their money from the prying eyes.
  • They also offer a crash course supported by crypto experts so that you can learn about the best practices in the cryptocurrency exchange.

The app is completely free for download and works well on both iOS and Android devices and is best suitable for smartphones with full crypto exchange service functionality.

Of late, my friend suggested me the app and I started using it. To my surprise they transferred money to my wallet in not less than 10 minutes. I would say that this is the best ever app in the market when it comes to cryptocurrency buying and exchange.

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