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Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other, cellular data plans and a WiFi hotspot in – what seems like – every location on earth, has driven us to embrace forms of communication that don’t rely on the traditional cell phone number. Facebook Messenger, Skype, iMessage, and the list go on. However, this divorce from the traditional cell phone number creates some issues. How many times have you had that conversation with someone you’ve just met;

’Oh, just add me on Snapchat!’
�Sorry, I don’t use it, how about Kik?’
�Nah, I’m more of a Messenger user.’

This age-old problem is what makes NomadPhone a revolution. It takes all the internationality of new web-based messenger services and applies that to the traditional cell phone number.

On downloading the app you are invited to create an account, and then you are faced with two options – 1. Port your existing number or 2. Create a new number. For me, the second option is life changing. As the UK based professional, I have lots of friends in the US, but I don’t have a US phone number – thanks to this App, I now do.

The two main features are messages and calls. After you have added your contacts it’s a simple case of opening a new message from the top right, selecting a contact, and typing away like any other messaging app – the beauty being I can now send a message to my best friend in New York City who has eschewed his smartphone in favor of an old Nokia.

I was impressed by the seamless messaging and felt it was time to put the app through its paces with a call; so again I utilized my Nokia wielding NYC hipster friend.

When I called him, I was astounded. Crystal clear connectivity and fantastic sound quality, none of the tinny whining noise you sometimes get with FaceTime audio or WhatsApp. I turned off WiFi during the call and switched to cellular data, the app didn’t skip a beat, it stayed connected and there was no appreciable difference in call quality.

We then hung up and he called me back on my specially assigned NomadPhone cell number; the app informed me of an incoming call (ensure you allow notifications) and I answered the same as any other call. After a seamless connection, we carried on the conversation.

As well as messages and calls the app has its own voicemail function, this is in addition to the ability to add additional cell numbers, including Canadian cell numbers.

The user interface is exceptionally easy to use and it is a beautifully presented app. All functions are easy to navigate with easily identifiable buttons along the bottom, including a much needed Dial Pad giving you the ability to simply dial number and call or message – no email addresses or usernames required.

Creatively, it’s a masterpiece, it is understated and functional and not at all cluttered – think of the Airbnb app before they added all the excess features!

This software is a breath of fresh air in the communication app marketplace, the simple design belies a technological complexity that is rare amongst its competition.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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