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Do you save money for yourself and your family in the bank? Well, I’m not asking about the usual money, which is your salaried or any other income. I’m asking about some investments in the financial institutions or bank? Yes! You might have a recurring deposit (RD), fixed deposit (FD), PPF account etc. You may also have a life insurance policy or any other insurance policies for securing your family’s future. But, do you know which one is the best? Every bank gives you a different rate of return and so as the Insurance companies! Isn’t it? However, you take a plan which is suitable for you and your family. It’s good to rake the right decision! But, sometimes we are not aware of everything around us!

There are better opportunities also! Suppose your child wants to go abroad for higher studies and you can’t afford that much money. But, if you’ve invested some amount of money every month from the very beginning, you would not have to face this situation! So it’s never too late! You can start investing from today with the help of U-Nest, an app developed for you! It’s an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app that establishes and manages a tax-free college fund for your child in minutes.

The app is easy to setup and hardly takes 5 minutes to create. You can start from $25/month as an installment for your kids future. After choosing a plan, the app securely links to your bank account and transfer the money every month

into your child’s plan. You can’t even imagine when you take the money back after some years. You’ll be closer to your goal each and every day. You can easily track your monthly contribution anytime, track your tax-free projected growth, and asset allocation for your account.

U-Nest is a very secure app and uses bank-level security and the strongest browser encryption to keep your sensitive financial data safe. You can view account balance, change contributions plans as per your budget, manage transactions, all from one place on your mobile phone. All of your investments are managed by Invesco, which is one of the best investment management firms in the US with over 80 years of experience managing over $988 billions in assets under management. It is indeed a great way to save and invest for your kids.

However, the app is free to download and charges a simple monthly advisory fee of $3 per account. All you need is to have an iOS device having the latest version of the iOS.

Overall, U-Nest is an app designed for every income group which makes saving and investing very easy for them! It’s a great way to save money and secure our child’s future without bothering yourself!

So start saving and investing for your kids’ future now! The app is available on the iTunes Store!

Pros: easy to set up; great app; unique investment features and options; safe and secure; fully encrypted; flexible; affordable; simple to understand; less fee.

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