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Junglee Rummy is an Indian gaming app available in the App Store. It is an online version of the game of rummy played worldwide. Players win and lose cash and glory in playing thrilling, nail-biting games. This gaming app is completely legal, and so is playing cash rummy and free rummy using the app. You can play different types of rummy games and tournaments on Junglee Rummy. You can register for free and enjoy the best gaming experience. The game is very popular with Indians. There are more than 5 million players registered on Junglee Rummy.

Graphics and Theme

The game has a glamorous online casino table with playing cards on it, which players play with. It is a casino gaming environment with red and maroon background. The graphics are really appealing and the unique royal avatars give players a feel of playing in a physical casino. The sound effects go well with the theme.


The Junglee Rummy app has amazing features.

Free Games: The free card games enable players to practice and sharpen their skills to master the game. This way players get to learn tactics and techniques that help one win big cash prizes.

Cash Games: Cash rummy games bring you both cash and glory. Players compete with their opponents from all over the country to make quick money. The winner takes all the glory and cash, and the losers lose their stakes.

Facebook Login: Facebook login earns you credits and you can connect with your

Facebook friends and invite them to game on the platform. You win referral bonuses for this, and it also enhances your gaming experience.

Exclusive Promotional Offers: There are endless promotional offers that players can take advantage of. Junglee Rummy’s exclusive offers help players to win more and make money quicker, and also bring more players to the platform.

Leaderboard Contests and Tournaments: There are different leaderboards that show the rank of each and every player on the basis of the games played and won by them. You get to see there who are the top players for the day, week and month. Many big tournaments and leaderboard contests are hosted on the platform. These tournaments and contests help players to make whopping big money and win glory at a higher level.


The Junglee Rummy app, created by Junglee Games India Private Limited, is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later, which is great as the game can be played on your iPod, iPhone or iPad. Junglee Rummy also has an Android mobile app. The size of the app is 24.2 MBs, which increases slightly with every new update. A player must be 18 or older to play cash games using this app.


The game is played among two to six players online. One deck of cards (total 54 cards including 2 printed Jokers) is used for two players and two decks (total108 cards including 4 jokers) are used for more than two players. Each player is dealt 13 cards at the beginning of the game. Players bet different amounts of cash before the game begins. The one who wins the game gets the cash. 


  1. The Junglee Rummy game provides an amazing gaming experience.
  1. It has now an enhanced environment and improved performance.
  1. Players can win real cash prizes.


  1. As it is an online game, it cannot be played offline.
  1. A lot of people complaint about annoying app messages.
  1. Players might get addicted to the game and might lose money.

Final Verdict 

The Junglee Rummy app is a great app for anyone who loves gaming. It provides complete entertainment. As many people say they have lost big amounts of money, make sure you play responsibly and don’t put all your assets on stake.

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