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Social media has brought the world a little closer than it was before! You are always near your friends, even if you are at opposite poles of the Earth. You can share your feelings with the rest of the world and connect with new people. You can post anything that makes you happy and if you are alone you will not feel like that!   So when it’s the birthday of one of your friends, social media such as Facebook can help you wish them on the right time but is that enough to make your friends day. If it was your birthday, had it been sufficient enough to just receive some blessings from your friends who cannot even come to meet you! So why don’t you arrange for something special for that special someone!

I am talking about the latest app known as GiftYa. If you are planning to buy a gift for a friend now, you don’t have to go out in the stores and search for a gift. Especially, when your mind is completely blank of any idea that you can possibly choose from. With GiftYa, you can choose that gift right from the app. All you have to do is to choose your friend whom you want to buy the gift and then select the amount you wish to send. There are different categories to choose from, top national brands to local restaurants, online shops and more. You can send a gift for virtually any merchant in the US by choosing from any of these categories.

GiftYa is an easy-to-use and a new way of gifting. It’s different from the gift cards that can feel impersonal, get lost or go unused. It’s a beautifully presented and personalised gift that can’t be lost or stolen and doesn’t lose value. It’s a free app with the help of which you can send personalized gifts to your loved ones! To start with, you need to select the amount, then personalize your GiftYa by uploading a photo or video, selecting a pre-designed wrapper and adding a personal message. Then send the link of GiftYa to the recipient and it will be received by the recipient within seconds. Moreover, you can schedule it for later.

The app uses the technology that is a part of our personal lives and helps you to send meaningful gifts that are worthy for you! Receiving a GiftYa is very easy and you have to just follow some steps. Link the GiftYa you received with your credit or debit card in seconds, make a purchase at the merchant you were given and your account is credited the amount you spend until the GiftYa is used in full. The app has been developed by GiftYa, LLC and is compatible with iOS 10.0 or any later versions of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app is available for free on the App Store.

So no more unused gift cards, when GiftYa is here for you! Grab it now!

Worth Having app – Download the App

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