10 best food delivery apps in India available in the market in 2023

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The Ultimate Guide to Food Delivery Apps

If you are a restaurant owner seeking to increase your customer base, there is only one more competent method than becoming a part of India’s food delivery apps. You can be a good part of the new digital revolution in the famous food industry and make a fortune by sharing some commission.

Here is the list of the 10 best food delivery apps in India available in the market in 2023.


File:Zomato logo.png - WikipediaWithout a doubt, Zomato is one of the top online food delivery apps in India, and it has almost become synonymous with the term. It gives customers a detailed review of restaurants and the current menu and food delivery options.

Restaurant owners must pay Zomato a commission ranging from 18 to 25% in exchange for being listed on their website. The commission is further determined by restaurant type, delivery cost, etc.


SwiggySwiggy, another famous and trustworthy food delivery app in India, also provides on-demand grocery delivery. Swiggy’s initiative, Instamart, is quite helpful for getting a fresh supply of household products. Swiggy Genie is another name for their instant package delivery service.


You’ve probably heard of this food delivery app if you commute by train regularly. Travelkhana is wholly available in over 500 cities across India and serves approximately 6000 trains per day. If restaurant owners collaborate with Travelkhana, they will be able to tap into the immense potential of the Indian Railway.


Box8 - Food delivery | Order food online in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and GurgaonBox8, as the name implies, is a food delivery platform that delivers food to customers in convenient boxes. It simplifies and simplifies the entire experience. Box8 was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Bangalore. They serve many dishes, including all-in-one meals, desserts, Desi Boxes, and even Desi Openers.


LogoIt would only be possible to discuss some of the new fame food delivery apps in India by mentioning FreshMenu. The company provides food delivery services in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The company employs the concept of a dark kitchen or ghost kitchen, and by partnering with them, you can also be a part of it.


Eatfit.in an increase inspired fit in demand for clean and healthy food among millennials over the last few years. Their cuisine typically consists of comfort foods, snacks, and lean and healthy dishes.


Eatsure Foodcourt AppEatSure is India’s latest food delivery app, launched by Rebel Foods in 2020. Customers can order from multiple restaurants simultaneously because it is an omnichannel platform. It’s more like an online food court, which most food delivery services in India need more. It is also one of India’s most affordable food delivery apps, as customers can order services without incurring delivery fees.


Customers in major cities across India can order groceries, pet supplies, fruits and vegetables, medicines, and other necessities from Dunzo. Dunzo, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Bangalore, has been overgrown recently.


About Us | magicpinMagicpin is an integral part of the list of online food-ordering websites in India. The company’s main draw is its coupons and points, which can be redeemed at other online stores after shopping.


VooshVoosh has captured the attention of customers and restaurant owners in India with its ingenious idea of 10-minute food delivery. One of the most significant merits of using Voosh is that it charges a lower commission fee to restaurant owners than other online food aggregators.

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