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E-signatures are digital signatures that are then stored in a software program. That program is called an e-signature service, which usually runs on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Electronic signatures are an easy-to-use digital agreement that takes the place of a “wet” signature. They encompass a set of methods that can be applied to electronic documents to capture intent. The process of digitally signing and sealing documents is accomplished by gathering metadata related to the signing event and creating an audit trail that is electronically signed & sealed. These guarantees document authenticity, nonrepudiation and integrity. Having an audit trail is valuable because you can see who signs a document and if they accessed it recently. It may contain names, email addresses, identity proofing and authentication steps. Legal document evidence can vary based on each product and what is claimed in the document, but it provides an audit trail to support the claims made. Signatures are a type of electronic signature that saves time, and effort and improves quality. They require you to sign a document with your digital certificate and the document must then be signed by all signers.

The summary of my review is this:

E-sign is a user-friendly, easy-to use tool with no software or installation needed.

Well, our customers seem to really like the product or service for the most part. It’s just about two times as valuable, too!

I like the mobile application best because it looks premium and the interface is interesting. It’s also very easy to use. I can use the mobile application to do all my tasks and don’t have to always go to a website I like the mobile app the most because it gets regular updates, it has a lot of features, and is customizable. The blog is also good – I like that it focuses more on wellness & education compared to on-brand advertising I appreciate Don’t lose my work’s tracking features because it allows me to keep an eye on the status of my work in real-time.

Please tell us what you dislike about our product or service so we can further improve it.

I don’t like the plans & pricing offered by this platform. They are not good for everyone and the pricing is too high as well.

Deployment architecture

Cloud (SaaS or PaaS or IaaS)

Evaluation & Contracting

Why did you purchase this product or service?

  • Improve business process outcomes | Reduce time to market | Create internal/operational efficiencies | Cost management | Drive revenue growth

According to the decision-makers, what really drove their decisions was the following:

  • Our breadth of services, like financial and organizational capabilities and functionality, as well as our strong focus on customer service make us a community that other companies find refreshingly different.

“I highly recommend using platforms with digital signatures for security purposes. I use it every day and find it to be convenient.”

Doc Sign Logo

Product(s): DocuSign eSignature

Overall Comment:“DocuSign is a really convenient software that allows your company to quickly and securely sign documents.” You now have a flexible solution that can account for your needs and help you provide security for your staff. This might be the perfect way to void having to use a courier service or fax machine. It is simple enough to create templates that you can share with your team, and complex enough to design them for your work needs. Digital documents can be signed in just seconds, allowing for easier document turn-around. Not only can the text be read on devices, but it can also be enlarged to make sure the signing party is read exactly what they are agreeing to. Compared to other document signing services, we haven’t had many complaints and have an impressive customer service team. I also like that we get notified through email whenever anyone completes a document, that way you can know who is on the ball.

Lessons Learned

If you were to ask what people like most about the product or service, they would probably say that they love how it makes their life so much easier.

I really like making signing documents easier & more convenient by using the app. I like that reminder are automatically sent to anyone who hasn’t joined yet to sign up. I’ve saved a lot of time and frustration with this software app. My signature looks better when using the software and I can use my mobile devices instead of a physical pen because it also includes advanced text editing capabilities! This is great! It saves a lot of time to be able to send documents electronically & not have it take as long to get back from your recipient. I like that DocuSign can be as simple or complex as you like. You can set up templates, store frequently used forms and do the easy act of getting signatories on all the documents.

I would like to hear what you don’t like the most about our product or service.

I wish there was a way to send documents in bulk without all of this extra manual text. Sometimes we can spend more than 20 minutes completing a single document and I want to avoid that at all costs. It would be better if the templates could be edited for your specific recipient. Sometimes it isn’t easy to know what needs to be changed so you should be able to customize the template more specifically. I’m disappointed at DocuSign’s lack of integration with other apps. I wish it could’ve gone through its own interface to sign my documents instead of running the whole time.

What prompted you to purchase this service?

DocuSign is helping our company capture signatures electronically. This tool keeps track of changes made to a document with each person who receives it for signature. This saves us a lot of time, as well as printer ink. It’s best to use reminders and time limits on agreements if you want your customers to remember to sign them within a certain period of time. This helps you keep track of who is working on what and if they might need help completing that document.

Evaluation & Contracting

How did you decide to buy this product or service?

Establishing better relations with customers can be challenging, but it’s important. Drawing out the information that’s being sought can help researchers figure out strategies to improve service. Trying new things is exciting and has great benefits for companies as well as those who are more engaged in the product development process. Cutting costs means allocating time and resources where they’ll be more productive even if

The key factors that led to your decision.

We’re seeing a shift of how some business owners are coming to understand their products and what they should be doing. They want to tell customers about the future and where their product is going. Product function and well-being are essential, as is the breadth of services that you provide. A well-rounded knowledge of a client’s needs is key, as well as strong expertise

Of course you considered other vendors in your evaluation! What kind of a businessperson would you be if you didn’t consider their decisions?

  • Adobe

“This is the best way I’ve found to make an electronic signature.”


Overall Comment:“SignNow is an electronic signature solution we first used in our company. It’s reliable and robust and allows your to sign documents & contracts. However, I believe that this is an important strategy for us. It allows us to sign papers, handle money & contracts, automate business processes and more. We love how inexpensive it is and how low the downtime costs are compared to other IT tools we have at our small office.

Lessons Learned

What are your thoughts on the product or service?

SignNow is an excellent e-signature app, and it has been a great help with time management. Easy to use for someone who doesn’t have much technical skills, for example me.- it’s been a good asset for business documents. I just love how signNow has made organizational sign off operations more simple and streamlined for us! It integrates nicely with our office 365 program and help us all create, approve, and monitor our important documents. SignNow makes it easy to send a copy of all documents to many people simultaneously. It’s a fun, efficient way for group projects. We enjoy how easy it is to use e-signatures. It is indeed a straightforward application for new employees to employ and as a law firm, we have a lot of documentation that has to be signed. Collaboration and connections with clients, customers, and employees have vastly improved this application. Now you can take care of your assignment in a breeze!

What are the downsides of the product or service that you dislike?

This app seems to not have many problems–it sometimes crashes or doesn’t work correctly, however, it’s infrequent. The customer service is terrible, though. They can’t handle simple software issues, including illegible files and being unable to repeat the same page.

“The Representative Just Delivered A Knock-Out Punch!”

Panda Doc

Overall Comment:“PandaDoc has been a pleasure to deal with. They have streamlined the licensing process and it’s on their website for easy access to costs. There is also no hold-ups and things run smoothly as long as you stick to their online ordering standards.” The platform has been rock solid and very easy to integrate with other SAAS platforms. When you’re integrating it with your own software, they have a wide variety of options that make it easy.”

What is your favourite thing about the product or service?

Editing Capabilities – Users can generate a static document from a PDF like any other e-signature platform, but they also have access to the web editor that is similar to a word processor or MS Word. Not only does neparx provide users with a gentle, smooth way to create documents, but it also has features that help complete the workflow. Users can rearrange page order with drag-and-drop, fill in fields and use tables and spreadsheets to calculate totals & subtotals. Templates and Content Library items are great for saving time when typing up content. Users can create their own templates or download the ancillary documents from the Content Library. Using an API to create documents has become more popular over the years. The ease of use and clarity of documentation associated with using an API are both things that admins really appreciate. Plus, they give you access to a whole library of document templates which means perfect contract boilerplate! When you need to add content or check off boxes by hand, our powerful text editors can keep you on track so you can get out of a spreadsheet and back to business.

What have you not been satisfied with [the product or service]?

Document loading can take a while if the document has more than 50 pages. Bulk Operations are not available for most actions. Transfer ownership can only be done one file at a time. IT administrators can look forward to a lot of headaches with the use of SSO. It’s not self-administered and there isn’t a dedicated person on your team who can manage it for you. You have to fill out an online form and email it over, which is a pain and inconvenient with the added workload you’ll be facing elsewhere. But there are automated options.

Did you purchase this product or service?

Drive innovation to create internal or operational efficiencies and cost management. Get insights into contract delivery and execution.

Which were the factors that influenced your decision?

Future vision for the product; to release with a positive impact on revenue, pre-launch activities/information available

Which other vendors did you consider in your evaluation?

  • airSlate

What are the challenges your product or service addresses?

When it comes to improving employee efficiency, AI would be the one simple answer that does what we need and connects seamlessly with other applications and resources that are already in place. This saves you time, allows for the creation of more content, enhances your workflow, and provides a higher level of quality.

Can I help you purchase this product or service?

Improve compliance and risk management, making compliance more important. If a business process is agile, it can change quickly to meet the needs of the market.

What led you to make this decision?

Satisfy customers and increase efficiency with product functionality

“A Digital Signature Tool That Helps With Your Business.”

we have been using these digital signature services for a long time and I can say this is a great tool. It’s simple, affordable, and provides all the features we need at our workplace. In this digital world, we want to make it easy & simple to create good-looking & secure signatures. Zoho Sign allows you to do that easily. I can say after using this tool, I don’t have to worry about data and information breaches as it provides a great level of security while dealing with important contracts. It’s a tool that’s simple to use and has an interface that is user-friendly and navigation is easy too. Updates are often released and the UI gets better with each upgrade. There are many features like bulk signatures, in-person sign-ups, sending bulk messages and signing up on mobile. These all features are simply great. I’m using the bulk sending feature and the in-person singing feature most of the time. By using the bulk signature tool I can get multiple signatures in a single transaction & have it on the same paper. In addition, with my in-person singing feature, I’m sure to get it even if I’m in a meeting with the prospect. Many options, platforms, and integrations make integrating with AI writing assistants as easy as possible. Customization is good too. Companies can use templates to quickly create content that adheres to their brand standards. It is easy enough for people with no background in writing to edit it. I love the fact that I have the option to send reminders and update recipients on updates to documents so that I can get them signed faster. My overall experience using this tool is very positive.

Lessons Learned

What’s the most appealing about a company’s products or services for you?

The best thing that I like about in-person singing is the convenience of taking your own music selection with you. This is a new feature that allows me to bring my own music to event and meetups. The signature capture capability is extremely useful and it’s why I use it all the time. It’s simple and fast to use too! On the other hand, I also like customizing draft templates. They have a lot of different options on which to create & customize templates that I can use to showcase my brand, They also include a feature called ‘re-signatures’ which makes the signing process faster, I can send gentle reminders to the recipient in case they have not signed the documents, so this process is very professional for me.

What does the product or service not do well for you?

I would say that Zoho Sign is the perfect tool for me, it has all the features I was looking for and more. It also works well with a few problems! The best part is this tool will not raise any complaints from your users.

What brought you to buy this product?

  • Enhance decision-making and cost-effective
  • Improve business process agility, process outcomes, customer relations/service
  • Drive revenue growth and innovation
  • Create internal/operational efficiencies

How did you decide? What were the key factors?

Having a strong user community is important because people who like your product or service are more likely to keep using it, as well as recommending it to their friends and family. The breadth of services you offer also makes your product more valuable because users can sign up for a wide range of services and get something in return.

I considered other vendors, including

  • SIGNiX
  • Intalio
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