Say Goodbye To All Your Life Issues With SOS Method: Meditation and Mindfulness

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There is no shortage of meditation and mindfulness apps these days. The Play Store and App Store have tons of meditation apps. The thing is what we need to choose and how to do it? Spending some time on choosing the right app that fits your personality might be hectic. Let me suggest you with one unique app with more than 5K+ downloads, SOS Method: Meditation and Mindfulness.

This Health and Fitness app comes in handy when you have some spare time to relax. The app is a complete innovation for the modern world that puts an end to the boring meditation. The app powers you up in a few minutes, say a time period of 5 to 11 minutes and gives you peace of mind, calmness and relaxation once you get a hang on it.

The app comes with four individual sessions to move on with your mindfulness process: Home, Meditation, Tools and Profile. You can come across your latest activities in the Home section. The various videos like Just Breathe, Ease and Comfort, Into the Silence, et cetera to guide you with the meditation process under the meditation section.

The app helps people to relax, release and recharge. It rewires the mind and body in quite a few minutes. SOS Method Meditation and Mindfulness also helps teens and kids with mindful programs to boost their brain power courage and fun.

The tools column of the app comes with many different approaches that helps people come out of their past and upsetting life experiences, access the inner Jedi, make space for love and a lot more.  It helps in lessening depression and anxiety and helps to have a better focus, productivity and sleep. Under the profile section, you can create your very own profile using your email Id, earn more badges, invite your friends and also share your doubts and queries to the company on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

This life-changing app was created by a team with fifteen years of experience in the field endorsed by doctors and scientists. These methodologies have been tested with people of different ages, culture and circumstances and have had a positive impact on many individuals. The app allows you to calm yourself, relax and sleep whenever you need to deal with life issues like stress, past hurt and upset and move on. I would personally like to see some sleep stories in the app to help us sleep, which would be an added plus. The app is free to download and you have to make in-app purchases to get additional videos unlocked.

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