Most Addictive Apps On The App Store Right Now

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With the smartphone revolution in full swing now, we are now so reliant on our smartphones to get through our everyday lives due to them all being our personal assistants through e-mails, messaging, business, to-do lists and more. However, applications can be much more than that with there being hundreds of apps out there that can be used purely for entertainment and so we thought we’d look at some of the most addictive apps on the App Store right now.

they first burst back onto the scene back in 2008. This game is a puzzle game in which you swipe matching candy to break through and create high scores and get to the highest level possible until more levels were released. There was a period when the talk of the town would be “What level are you on Candy Crush? It was that popular.

Another form of entertainment that has become increasingly popular in recent times that isn’t an app is online casinos with this casino review showcasing one of the best gambling experiences on the internet. They deliver a whole host of your favourite casino games including roulette, poker, and blackjack as well as enticing in new customers with promotional deals and sign up offers that are unbeaten on the internet.

Another game that will go down in the history books as one of the most successful game on smartphones is that of Subway Surfer which saw a graffiti artist run away on an endless train track to get away from the police who were chasing him. You would have to evade trains on the metro railway either by running on getting power ups on skateboard or powered hoverboards. Collecting coins, claiming points, and leaping over obstacles was the aim of the game and creating the high score to share with friends made this game truly addictive.

And finally, games like scrabble have always been a popular game amongst friends and family but Words with Friends have fully digitalised this and ensured that word games are still popular in the modern age. Words with Friends became the ultimate game between friends in which you would compete to create the most complex words to gain the most points. Unscrambling tough tasks, becoming the best wordsmiths amongst you, your friends and your family or even play online against strangers in multiple different game modes explaining why this game is so popular.

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