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Since the introduction of technology to the market, and specifically the introduction of smartphones onto the market, has ensured that we can use the any forms of technology to keep ourselves organised throughout our everyday life. One of the best ways in which we are finding that is the best way to stay organised through technology is through the use of an application for your smartphone and below are some of the best applications for personal organisation.

Many of us have explained that we need a to do list to ensure that we are completing all our everyday jobs, whether that to be due to personal jobs, stuff around the house or even at work. He best app that we have found to help this has been Todoist which is a free application for all and a to do list manager. The best thing about this app is that you can use it to set alarms, track due dates, or even manage various projects that you are working on at the same time. This app provides the perfect place to keep all your to do lists in one place.

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Another great app that we have been noticing a lot of value in is that of Evernote which goes hand in hand with Todolist as the perfect application for all your note taking in digital form. This app is a cloud-based safe space for all your random thoughts, important information or anything that you require to keep track of throughout the day. It is the perfect personal and professional organizer for your everyday life and something that we cannot recommended more if you are looking to become more organised.

And finally, due to now living in the digital age, the number of passwords that we have to deal with is virtually endless and the application LastPass is the perfect place to hold all your passwords in one place. How many times have you had to click that forgotten password button and had to retrieve your password? LastPass totally eradicates this idea and is the most safe and secure place to organise your passwords.

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