Carrom Stars: Carrom in Its Brand-New Online Avatar

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Have you ever played Carrom with people from across the world? You must be thinking I’m silly! How can one play Carrom with the whole world? You can only play the game with your friends, family, neighbors, etc. as you cannot carry the Carrom board everywhere to play the game? Right? Well, you can play Carrom with anyone in the world with Carrom Stars! Yes, you can play Carrom with players from across the globe and showcase your Carrom skills to the global audience to become a shining Carrom star on this amazing platform called Carrom Stars.

Carrom Stars is an online game where you can play Carrom without using a physical Carrom board. Carrom Stars makes use of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) for player pairing and makes sure that the skills of opponents match. It provides you with a thrilling experience of gaming on a unique Carrom board online where you get an equal opportunity to win.

Once you have downloaded the app and installed it on your phone, you can sign in using your Facebook account or mobile number. There are 3 different rooms available to choose from. Carrom Stars has smooth controls and provides a fully realistic Carrom gaming experience. The graphics are amazingly appealing.

If you’re a beginner, you can easily learn the game with Carrom Stars. There are two modes of the game: Practice mode and Multiplayer mode. In the Practice mode, you can play at your own pace, and practice different shots, tactics and strategies to master the game. In the Multiplayer mode, you will play Carrom live with real opponents. You can turn on the beginner level to try your hands on the controls of the game before you face more challenging intermediate and advanced levels. Carrom Stars lets you play the game with robots or with real, human players with varying skill levels. Your aim is to strike and pocket all your Carrom men (black or white) and the Queen (a red piece) to win in this strike-and-pocket game.

This 3D game of Carrom accurately simulates the physics of a real-world Carrom board. It provides you with absolutely the same entertainment as you get when you play Carrom board game on a physical board.

So download the app from the Google Play Store and enjoy Carrom in its brand new online avatar!  

Pros: online 3D Carrom board game; practice mode & multiplayer mode; offers rewards and free chips; brilliant graphics; play live Carrom with players worldwide;super-addictive; absolutely free to download and play.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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