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Establishing trust and showcasing expertise is paramount for online success. With the ever-increasing competition and the abundance of information available, it is crucial to stand out and demonstrate authority in your niche. This is where AuthentUX comes into play, offering a revolutionary solution through a simple WordPress plugin that empowers website owners to instantly build design elements that exude trust and expertise to their users.

Revolutionizing User Trust in UX Design

AuthentUX is a game-changer in the realm of online credibility, providing tools that deliver the best trust and authority signals to visitors. The plugin is not just another run-of-the-mill tool but is meticulously crafted from studying the top authority websites worldwide. It is designed to be the quickest and most efficient way to exhibit expertise and authority through a user-friendly WordPress interface.

Enhancing User Experience with AuthentUX

One of the standout features of AuthentUX is its ability to provide the strongest on-page trust signals for users. By highlighting authorship and expertise, website owners can design and emphasize an authorship box that showcases the credentials and experience of the content creators. Additionally, the plugin allows for the incorporation of custom elements, guest authors, reviewers, and other contributors, adding depth and credibility to the content.

How AuthentUX Elevates User Trust

Moreover, AuthentUX excels in highlighting the content history of websites. Leveraging its AI tool, the plugin can automatically identify and include external links sourced directly from the top search engine results pages (SERPs). This not only enhances the validity of the content but also underscores the editorial standards and guidelines followed by the website, instilling further trust in the readers.

The plugin goes a step further by displaying trust through high authority links pop-ups. By integrating an automatic pop-up feature that highlights authoritative links, website owners can reinforce the credibility of their content and establish themselves as trustworthy sources of information.

Transforming User Trust with AuthentUX

AuthentUX’s core feature lies in adding key data points about the publishing process. Beyond just the published date, website owners can showcase the comprehensive content process by including key dates on every article. This transparency not only enhances user trust but also demonstrates the dedication to quality content creation.

Furthermore, the plugin simplifies the task of finding high authority links by searching target keywords against top SERPs and extracting the most relevant external links. It also facilitates the quick discovery of authors and reviewers through a direct partnership with Experts.Ink, enabling website owners to seamlessly incorporate expertise and experience into their authorship.


In essence, AuthentUX is a powerhouse tool that not only streamlines the process of building trust and authority but also sets the stage for website owners to emulate the best practices of authority sites globally. By leveraging this innovative WordPress plugin, users can elevate their online presence, engage their audience effectively, and solidify their position as leaders in their respective industries.


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