Popular Methods for App Development

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Popular methods

Before you begin app development, let’s look at your options to see which one is best for you.

Coding is Simple

It may be simple if you know how to code or can quickly learn programming languages, but it could still take days or weeks depending on how complex your app is. The same can be said for hiring someone else to write the code. A low-code platform does not necessitate any coding knowledge or experience.


If you have a highly complex app for a specialized business, building it yourself or hiring a professional are both excellent options for meeting all of your specific wants and needs. Low-code app development software frequently includes built-in features and data management to handle the majority of customization requirements. You could also use app development software to get as far as you can with the app, then hire technical help for further customization.


Unless you already know what you’re doing, developing an app is no easy task. Working with outside help can be quick if everything goes as planned, but it frequently takes longer than expected due to onboarding, availability, and feedback rounds. The benefit of using app software is that it automates many of the development processes, from coding to connectivity, resulting in significantly shorter turnaround times for work that would otherwise take days/weeks/months.


Most apps are scalable, which means they can be redesigned to add functionality or serve a different audience—but doing so is much easier with app development software. The reusable code in the software can be quickly modified to change the scope of the product without requiring additional resources.


To pull data into apps, many apps rely on specific connectors. These connectors are frequently built into app development software, making it simple to access data from popular services and other data sources you already use. If you’re coding the app yourself or working with a company that doesn’t have easy access to connectors, setting up these connectors may be difficult.

AI Is Now Available

Some app development software includes advanced functionality that allows you to easily automate manual processes by utilizing pre-built AI components. This is advantageous when developing a productivity app because AI tools can accelerate repetitive tasks such as extracting text and visual information from images and documents. When developing your app or collaborating with a vendor, AI capabilities aren’t always available.

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