Pulse Checker & Breathing

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Pulse Checker and Breathing

Pulse Checker & Breathing is a heart rate monitor which calculates your pulse and displays the results in a chart. Due to the integrated breathing exercises, it is an excellent companion for practicing mindfulness and calming down throughout the day.

​​Key Features of Pulse Checker & Breathing

  • No special equipment is required; simply use your phone.
  • To feel more at ease, practice breathing exercises.
  • View and export data from your heart activity history
  • Discover data-driven insights

This health app employs photoplethysmography (PPG), a non-invasive and risk-free optical technique, to provide information about your heart health and cardio fitness level.

How To Use A Pulse Checker And Breathe:

  • Use your wrist or finger to cover the back camber and flash.
  • Allow the app to take your pulse.
  • Check your heart rate.
  • Obtain an explanation for the data.
  • Breathe regularly daily.

Why Pulse Checker & Breathing?

Measure without Limits

You can get unlimited heart readings for free. Maintain a heart-tracking routine and observe how your metrics change over time.

Practice Breathing

This app, which includes three different types of breathing exercises, can help you feel at ease anywhere and at any time. Do you need to slow down? No problem; choose your preferred time and breathing style and take a deep breath.

Discover Data-driven Insights

Visualize your average, minimum, and maximum pulses and your heartbeat history to look for patterns. Obtain a data explanation. Calculate your heart rate variability by comparing your heart rate from one week to the next. Data should be exported to your doctor.

Start Now

Take advantage of the app’s simple setup and monitor your pulse immediately. Discover the app’s simple interface and start using its features right away.


What is the average pulse rate?

Adults have a resting heart rate that ranges between 60 and 100 beats per minute (men and women). Your bpm results can be affected by both your physical and emotional state.

How frequently should I use my heart rate monitor?

Take your pulse every day to track the progression of measurements and identify any deviations in your heart routine.

Final Words

If you want a perfect heart rate monitor app, then go for this Pulse Checker & Breathing app, which only rewards you with more satisfaction and the best results.

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