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How much effort does it take to launch a website or an app of your own? If you have solid planning and imagination and of course some intelligent minds, then it takes a couple of days to execute it correctly. However, to gain popularity and become among the most used websites on the Internet, you need to always keep an eye on your competitors. This can be done only by SEO ranking tools which helps you to track the top keywords that lead to the Internet traffic. Because it totally depends on the keywords that people are using for a particular search on various search engines. So how will you get updates about the top traffic driven keywords which lead the websites on the top of your search?

Today, we have a business tool for the SEO ranking, which is popularly known as It’s very important to know about the audience, what they want to search, what attracts them, etc., so that your website gets the highest ranking. is an all in one solution to track rankings of different websites for SEO. You can track all your keywords, keep an eye on all your competitors, generate PDF reports, do keyword research and many more things. The app automatically updates your search engine positions every single day and the positions of the competitor websites as well. You need to watch every ranking movement so that you can improve the mode of campaigns or any other promotional efforts that helps you reach the highest ranking. Moreover, you need to find out what your target audience is searching to find new ways to monetize by SEM, SEO or content.

With Wincher, you will get the latest updates and alerts when some important changes take place, so you don’t need to Login every time. 
The app allows you to export the data using PDF or CSV files. You can also get customized PDF reports sent to any email-address on a weekly or monthly basis. If you have special keywords that can lead to a particular search, you can group them easily into different categories of your choice and get a better overview of your overall ranking progress.

Overall, I would say that I am a regular user of Wincher and it’s quite user-friendly and it’s having a beautiful interface. You can check the status of your websites and your competitors as well, within a few seconds. The app is worth every penny if you are an entrepreneur or into a business.

There is dynamic pricing on Wincher without commitment. Your monthly fee is calculated from the number of added websites in your account. For example- first website @ €10/month and further for additional websites you will be charged @  €3/month each. There are 100 keywords included in the subscription. You can try Wincher for free without any credit card requirement. There is no hard and fast rule for the pro users, they can close their account at any time.

So try this amazing tool now!

Pros: track rankings for SEO; easy to use; send notifications every time; inbuilt keywords; 14-days free trial.

Cons: none.

Worth Having Webapp – Try Wincher today

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