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Are you looking for a fun yet challenging puzzle game to boost your gaming experience? Well, if you like shooting games, then it’s probably been the answer! Yes, bubble shooter puzzle games help to sharpen your gaming skills and well as boost your brain. If you’re feeling bored, tired of your professional life, you can get a break with the different bubble shooter game. They will relax your mind and you’re ready for the next task. So, now the tough part is that where do you start? Which puzzle game will you choose? Maybe, you get to know about a game from your friends or just google and find the right game for you! However, many a times we don’t get the app which we were looking for!

In that case, we are happy to help you and we’ll suggest you what to do! So, today I’m going to introduce one such bubble shooter game called, Magic Marbles Bubble Shooter. This app has been developed by Elephant Jump Ltd. and is compatible with all the latest version of OS running on the Android devices.

Magic Marbles Bubble Shooter game offers you 50+ levels to try your hand on! All the levels are very exciting and has different patterns. The difficulty levels increases as you progress each and every level. You know that behind every game there is some background or a story. Similarly, this magical marbles shooter game revolves around a story. There are some animals living in a far away land and they are under attack of evil wolves. Luna, the heroic cat needs your help to defeat the evil wolves in this magic marble bubble shooting puzzle. Basically, your main goal is to pop as many marbles as you can in this exciting journey of bubble shooter game. You can pop up by matching 2 or more marbles, defeat the wicked wolves and much more!

With Magical Marbles, there will be some challenging obstacles in your path where you may get frustrated, but don’t lose hope. You’ll get success as there are amazing magical powers to help you pass the tricky levels and there will be opportunities to collect awesome rewards as well.
In-between the gameplay, you’ll see bouncy and reflective movements of the bubbles to tease your

brain. There are different cute characters in the gameplay, which are loved by the children especially. The sound effects and the graphics of the game are just mind-blowing. You’ll be hooked up for so many hours in playing this puzzle.

You can play this game alone as well as with your friends at anytime and anywhere you want to! There is no WiFi connection required for playing this amazing game. The app contains no ads and it’s totally free to use. However, there are some in-game items which are totally optional for everyone.

So get the app on your Android device and enjoy the unlimited fun now!

Pros: easier to understand; simple yet challenging; exciting gameplay; awesome graphics; soothing sounds; cute characters; more than 50 levels; free. 

Cons: none.


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