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If you are on the lookout for a perfect mate, the task wouldn’t be easy. Your smartphone might be there to help you with. A few years ago, it would have been internet dating but nowadays it is mobile dating. With the innumerable apps, you may be carried out by match making websites which we may not prefer. 234 Social Net is an online dating app that allows you to look for the match of your life.

This dating app that is owned by 234 Social Net LLC, helps you find new friends or start a more serious relationship. You may go on dates with those you like or even find the love of your life. The app is rated 18+ and new singles join everyday to connect with others around.

234 Social Net categorizes people who are your friends/guests. It lists all those who are near to you. You can also use the blacklist list to classify those whomyou find annoying. Custom search options are also available in this app.

The app displays people from different locations and shows you pictures of them. Liking or ignoring them is your choice and if you like someone you can send them a friend request. Once they accept your request, you can send a message or live chat with them. This will help you go on real dates  as you are able to connect when you are compatible with one another.

With video chats, member only events like travel and matchmaking games, dating is no longer a bigger issue. Unlike the other common apps with lot of formalities, 234 Social Net just has a few questions to answer. Just give your name, email address, your gender, whom you are looking for, date of birth and you are good to go. With this app, individuals can share messages and kisses, gift others virtually and view who has liked their profile.

The app enables interacting with singles in less frightening conditions. The firm based in Birmingham, Alabama offers its services to people all over the globe.Apart from the services, the company also arranges for free travel accommodations to different locations that include Williamsburg, Gatlinburg, Acapulco, Myrtle Beach and Daytona Beach and lot more spots.

You can download this app in both iPhone and Android devices for free. Premium paid membership plans are also available in the app and there are no hidden charges. The app puts an end to your search and makes you connect with new people.234 Social Net would be your best choice on finding personal happiness as you connect with individuals with qualities that attract you the most. Go on! Get the life you deserve and make the first move towards a happy future.


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