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Taking care of your business or relationships is always a good way of maintaining them. This task is not easier as you know that, when we grow, our business or relationships get bigger and bigger. This helps you sustain the profit of your business as well as have an enriched relationship with individuals.

UpHabit is a powerful CRM that many people would love to use. The app has many features that help you find your way in maintaining a proper relationship with your friends and family and business surroundings.

UpHabit belongs to the productivity category with more than 500+ downloads, rated 3+ catering to all the goals you need to achieve. Your goal can be anything like building your sales, maintaining your relationships both personal and business, widening your network, etcetera., all these can be achieved when you use the app.

The most distinctive feature of UpHabit is the zero ads as we know that the app is subscription based. To serve us better, the app connects our accounts and build all our contacts in a single place thereby creating one clean list. UpHabit also promises that the only thing they do with our data is help us organize it. They never misuse any of it and make a promise to quit if it happens otherwise. To make our data privacy as a priority is the most welcoming feature of the app. This makes the app stand unique among the many apps in the market.

Apart from this, the app has many features like asking you to integrate your data with the mail where you can take a copy anytime or delete it when required. The app also has option to set and snooze reminders so that nobody gets missed out on your business or personal life. You also make notes of your conversations so that you never lose touch of people. The ‘today’ tab of the app has a calendar that allows you to see reminders for today as well as in the future.

The app helps you to enhance your business and increase productivity and also enrich the relationship you have with your loved ones. UpHabit is available for free and it is designed to integrate with any one of the paid subscriptions that are available for $6.99 and $11.99 with the pro and unlimited versions respectively. UpHabit helps you give your time and experience to people and build authentic relationships with them.

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