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Which is the most important thing we need to live on this Earth for our survival? Of course, your answer will be Food, clothes, and shelter. However, we can live without food for one day or more, but we can’t live without water! Water is the basic requirement of life, especially for our bodies. It’s the most precious gift that nature has given all of us. All the living things on this Earth need more water for survival as their body consists mostly of water. 

Talking about ourselves, we need water according to our body weight. The human body consists of two-thirds of water. For example- if your weight is 60 kg, you need to drink at least 6 liters of water in a day. You need to keep your body hydrated. Getting proper hydration isn’t just about keeping thirst at bay, it’s very important for our health as well to keep us away from any disease. 

Unfortunately, we drink less water in a whole day. We don’t count how many glasses of water we have had. It’s very important to track the right amount of water we are getting every single day. But, how? Let me introduce to you a hydration app: Plant Nanny² Water Tracker. You can track your daily water intake for better health using this amazing app. The app has been developed by Fourdesire, under the category of Health and Fitness. It requires iOS 10.0 or any later version of the Operating System of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. 

Plant Nanny harnesses your botanical impulses to help you drink more water. This app has a unique concept, unlike other hydration apps. Each glass of water you drink grows the cute plants in Plant Nanny so that you can both thrive! You can set a daily schedule so that you can grow, collect and take care of cute plants to get hydrated together. 

The app provides a customized water counter and plan with interactive charts and drink water reminders, so you know your water consumption schedule. With this app, you will never forget to drink the right amount of water for the day. Just like plants, your body needs water to grow and survive. So solve your body’s water drinking problem all with one app. It’s an easy-to-use app with a lot of features that you will love. 

Staying hydrated relieves stress from your body and keeps you happy. The app will boost your spirits, improve your health, and help you cultivate good habits for drinking water. Whenever you drink a glass of water, it waters the plants as well, so you can grow and thrive together. There are all kinds of special pots available so that you can develop your own cute plant family. You can easily track your water consumption history and quickly view daily weekly and monthly trends. Plant Nanny has access to HealthKit and syncs water hydration data to “Apple Health”. 

This app gives suggestions for the correct amount of water-based on individual body data and exercise habits. The app reminds you automatically about drinking water. Moreover, you will get rewards for regular use of the app and small missions encourage you to stay motivated and reach your own water consumption goals. 

If you have any questions or want to search for a solution, you can go to the FAQ in the settings under the Menu option. With the release of Version 4.0 on iOS and Android platforms, Plant Nanny now also offers a subscription service called“Daily Hydration Plan”. With subscription-only plants bubbling with personality, you could stay more motivated, build good hydration habits and have fun while drinking water. Start your daily hydration plan with a free 7-day trial now! 

Take a step forward towards a healthier life and let’s get started! 

Pros: unique concept; keep your body hydrated; easy to use; simple design; user-friendly interface; simple charts and interfaces; customize options; set reminders; 7-day free trial available. 

Cons: none. 

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