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Have you ever come across a platform for booking creatives of all sorts? Creatives can be of any kind and they have different talents like dancing, singing, writing etc. Finding creatives near you can get difficult when you don’t know whom and where to approach. An awesome platform given by Joshua Nicholson helps bridge this app.

Offered by GigMePro LLC, GigMePro is one of the most popular apps for artists in town. The app aims to bridge the gap between the creatives and consumers in town. It comes as a unique platform that facilitates both the consumers and the creatives to look for new bookings and programs to be done. The app helps both to find exactly what they were looking for. It cuts out the middle man and brings consumers in direct contact with the creatives they want to hire.

GigMePro comes with options like Pro-wall, login, Rate and Review, Help, Donate and Invite. The Login is where the app allows you to create a new account using the Email/Facebook id and password. Once you sign in, you can add all your details and expose yourself to the public. The Pro-wall is the place where you can find talents of all sort. The photos and videos, likes, ratings and reviews can be seen here. Pro-wall helps you to come to a conclusion when you want to book the best entertainer.

Under the ‘Help’ section you can find the instructions to the different things that you can do using the app. The ‘Donate’ column is where you can make donations and using the ‘Invite’ icon, users can gather more friends. When you have more queries, you can send an email to the admin at and get them answered. GigMePro comes with a neat interface that makes it easier for the users to operate. The consumer also benefits a lot from using this app. Creatives can consult/book fellow creatives and set their monthly booking schedule and prices.

GigMePro is completely free to download and is available for both iOS and Android users. It is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later versions and with Android 5.0 and above. It is one complete networking site for all creatives and it lets you connect with them in quite a few seconds. Breaking through the entertainment industry is not an easy endeavour, but when you have the GigMePro app with you, it gets easier.

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