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Live Home 3d ios App is a extremely wonderful app for beginners and the interface of this app is very user friendly anyone can understand very easily. This app comes with meta learning program that teaches you how tools work . In fact learning of how the tools work is very effective and easily with this app .This app help us to make a 2d image form scratch and also you convert the same structure in 3d to see how you structure or design look like in real life . Once you done with your 2d design you can drag and drop some interior like plants , doors , windows and furniture . you can also add some more material like wallpaper , carpet to see how your design look like in real life . This app mainly focuses on interior of the house and doesn’t have many tools for landscaping .

In this app there are three mode 2d , 3d and split to create design .Split screen mode help us to split the display to show the 2d , 3d layout side by side . you can also adjust and move the object in 2d design and the software also make the same adjustment in 3d design through which you can see how the design look like in real life .In this app there are also a camera tool in menu that help you to see the particular area of your design and view them from too many different angle . 

This App is very useful and user friendly but there are some pros and cons of this app that you need to know . 


This app is very user friendly and easy to understand for a beginner . This app help you to convert your 2d design in 3d design to see how it look like in real life . There are too many feature in this app that help you to learn interior designing in very effective and easy way . you can also export your design and send to yourself and your friends in JPEG, TIFF, PNG and BMP formats . The website of this app is easy to navigate and lots of good information with video tutorials .


This app mainly focus on interior design and doesn’t have many tools for landscaping . In this app there aren’t too many plants in the program object library and those it have aren’t indoor potter variety but you can download plants , furniture and windows from the trimble 3d warehouse but this warehouse is not a part of the program you download onto your computer , The website of this program doesn’t have telephone support for one-on-one assistance with problems. The real time learning tool may help compensate for some of that , you can also access the free trial of this software to make an informed purchase decision .


When it comes to user friendly and to learn in effective way this app is much better from other software available in market . It has learning tools to create design and see how it look like in real life . Overall this is a great interior design software for this price .

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