Estate Planning. It doesn’t need to be confusing, thanks to EZ Estate!

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When we say Estate Planning, most of us instinctively think of wills and living trusts. What many of us don’t know if that these are only a very small part of the requirements for estate planning. If this is all you do, you risk leaving your loved ones with stress and confusion due to the things not covered by the will.

EZ Estate makes it easy to help you get your bases covered. Where are the passwords kept? What debts do you have? Who should get the deceased’s pets? The app contains a number of categories and subcategories, helping you organize the information your loved ones will need. EZ Estate also features a voice guide and handy tracker so you can keep tabs on how much you’ve done, and what information still needs to be added.

While the app is no substitute for legal advice, nor is it legally binding (you should consult with the appropriate professionals and use EZ Estate as a component in your plan), it is hugely helpful and will ensure you give your loved ones a smooth transition. All information is stored and encrypted locally on your device, and any information sent to the secure cloud servers is encrypted, too. Basically – it’s secure.

Whether you’re ready to make the move and start the estate planning process, or you’re simply curious about what it would entail, download EZ Estate today. You can get the app on iOS, Google Play or visit for more information

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