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I have a love for Bubble Shooter games and I tried searching the net for gaming with one. I came across https://www.bubbleshooter.net/. This website gave me the pleasure of playing the thing I love the most without any hassles. The perfectly neat design, speed, sound effects make the game even more engrossing. This website has a collection of so many epic games and there is an ocean of ridiculously fun and addictive online games for you to choose from and they are free. 

If you are ready to begin with some action, then this game puts your strategies to test. Just aim, match and smash all the balls in this most relaxing colour matching adventure. This app is so simple and easy to learn and master with all the tips and tricks provided on the website. The game allows players to compete as they try to beat the previous scores. Bubble Shooter Free, Bubble Shooter Pro and Bubble Shooter Extreme are the other variations of this game. 

You must match 3 balls to blast and clear the board. Just click on the bubble at the bottom, use the arrow to aim in the proper direction and then take a shot. You must form a strategy according to the different bubbles in the frame and clear them out. When you work your way through all the different challenges and the new games that are added every week on this website, you will never be bored. 

You will be able to earn points as you game and finish the levels. Use some logic and brainpower to complete the mission and clear the board before all the bubbles hit the ground and the game gets over. This game is also available for download on mobile devices as Bubble Shooter Tale and it is completely free. The app features the finest gameplay with 100 challenging levels.

The game design has a cute cat with a bubble in his hand which he fires up to blast as many bubbles as he can. The overall concept of bubble blasting is the same but with all the twists and moves that make you enjoy it even more. Users can traverse back to the previous levels and play as many times as they want. The app has many power-ups namely the aim booster, rainbow bubble, horizontal bomb and circle bomb. All of these will help players handle all the difficult levels.

Bubble Shooter game is perfect for everyone in the family who are above 4 years of age. Get the app today and enjoy. 

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