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Geocode API’s are those that allow you to get latitudes and longitudes. Whenever you type an address into an input field in google forms or websites, they are converted into geographic co-ordinates. Sometimes, the reverse is also done and all these are achieved with the help of API’s. These API’s make your work easier as they eliminate the labor of developing things from scratch.

You can try this awesome API by typing the location you desire in the input field of the website and all the geocodes are returned in no time. The API gives you the results in an easily readable JSON format. It provides a fast, scalable and reliable geocoding and geoparsing and there is no throttling or rate limits. It brings you geographic coordinates to any location across the globe.

Both forward search API and reverse search API are available and its GeocodeApi API V1 is compatible with Pelias. The team of Geocode API gives you the complete help when you want to integrate it with your software. They also answer all the support tickets in just one business day and their SLA agreement comes with an uptime of 99.9%.

Geocode API is completely affordable. The pricing is fair and there are no complicated agreements or hidden charges. You pay for the number of requests you use. The API is scalable. From small to large custom plans, everything is available on Geocode API. The HTTPS encryption, number of queries, monthly requests, support, SLA and onboarding differ with the plan you choose. The team is always there to help you with the plan that fits your personal or business enterprise. All the plans can be tailored to your needs. All contracts can be canceled, upgraded or downgraded at any time and billed on monthly terms. Annual subscriptions come with discount offers that clients can avail. A valid payment method including credit card is required to process the payment for subscription.

The API works everywhere and you can avail a world-wide coverage. You can also get custom rate limits, payment options & SLA on demand. Geocode API also enables data enrichment and data visualization thereby facilitating cleaning and normalization of data. The team provides a very helpful customer support that reaches you as soon as possible when you drop them your queries through the contact form. When you need to choose an API for your website, business or other software then you need to choose the one that best fits you and Geocode API will be a perfect solution.

Worth Having app – Try Geocode API

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