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Medalist is a revolutionary app that helps you remember what you want, rank what you tried and get to know what everyone loves. Belonging to the Lifestyle category, the app Medalist helps you put all things you have tried so far and all those you want to give a try. Users can get creative in the lists they prepare. It can be like tracking your favourite collections – movie or songs, your favourite food and drinks, restaurants, recipes, photographers and miscellaneous. It brings together all of your interests and lets you control them as well. 

Whenever you are about to add an item to a category you have fixed, you can move the items, add links, share and delete if you want. The app gives you the freedom of adding any number of items and arranging them by taxonomy so that you can fetch them later. The Bench and the podium are the two lists that are created by the app for every category of yours. The Bench aids you to remember things you want to try and the Podium helps you to save those that you have already tried. 

Medalist lets you create a vivid memory of the things you have tried by allowing you to add a context along with a picture, a note and a link. Users on Medalist can share their list with others who use Medalist and browse what others are posting. A watching feed of things you wish to know about can also be created. The app has a simple, clean design that allows you to view down your likes in just a few clicks. 

The team of Medalist never misuses the data of the users. Users can maintain their privacy and limit what they share with the app. You will be notified when any new person adds an item of yours item to their list. When good recommendations of yours are spread, your poach count increases. People can comment on any item they like and start a dialogue with others. There is a notification icon in the app that tells you about all those who watch your lists, comment on your items and save yours to their list. 

If you have any queries or wish to give feedback, you can contact the team at [email protected]. Medalist is completely free to download and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and Mac. It is available in English and is suitable for everyone in the family. 

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