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bid_quote_logoBeing at home either for long summer vacations or for two, three days is in itself a great pleasure. For the first few days, you would enjoy by sitting idle, but gradually you are likely to feel bored of idealism and you need to get rid of this. I’m a kind of person who need to do some productive work that adds to my personality and present knowledge, intellect. So, I decided to become a small business contractor.

It is said that bidding is the art to convince potential clients. Of Course, it is. I am introducing you an app that will help to manage bids and collect payments online. It’s called Bid Quote. Seriously, I have used this app a lot and it has made my work so.easier. It’s the most flexible and reliable way to manage bids and get paid online.

When you open the Bid Quote app, it will require a SignUp process. After that you can sign in and follow the instructions to use it.

On the graphics front, it has an intuitive user interface. It is a user friendly app and fulfils all your requirements.


This app helps small business contractors and freelancers to create, send and follow up on bids. Leave the old method of creating bids through excel sheets, clunky accounting software and paper bid forms which forms a hassle. Now, create and send professional looking bids via email in under 2 minutes with Bid Quote.

You don’t have to worry about the payments at all. Bid Quote provides you a facility of paying money online. When paying you is hard, customers take forever to compensate you for your work. So, avoid that old lengthy invoice process and collect your money faster for live projects with Bid Quote Online Payments.

You might be wondering that how should I get to know which client has open your bids? Wait, I’ll tell you. Bid Quote helps to update you in real-time by giving Bid Alerts which displays whether the clients have opened or reopened your bids and payment follow ups.

Instead of wasting money and time for past bid versions and payment confirmations, Bid Quote gives you an opportunity of Project Tracking which simplifies the process of tracking bid revisions and project payments over time. It is difficult to manage a business properly, if you don’t know your future sales. But with Bid Quote, you will get to know your potential future project income which is a distinct feature.

Bid Quote has everything needed to manage bids and collect payments online.

It gives a free trial of 15 days and after that you will be charged @ $25/MO. You can subscribe to its Newsletter also.

So, you can start your free trial and cancel anytime if you want to. Stay connected and download it today! It is worth every penny!

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