Top 10 Apps for Diet & Fitness

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Losing weight and keeping fit are probably the most popular personal goals for people, but they’re also the hardest to achieve. With these apps, you can track your food intake, exercise regimen and vital statistics every day. They’re great tools to keep you motivated, so once and for all, you have the body and fitness you truly want.

App Name: iMapMyRUN

Developer: MapMyFitness


One of the most-downloaded fitness apps worldwide, iMapMyRun calculates your mileage after every run. You’ll have valuable information on your pace, distance, calories burned, and elevation – even a live route map to see where you went. You can also keep track of your nutrition, health statistics and friends’ progress…even brag about it on Facebook or Twitter!


App Name: SmartRunner

Developer: SmartRunner GmbH


Track your route, distance, speed, elevation changes and time with SmartRunner, the first completely customizable GPS sport-tracking app. Participate in the World League (one month included for new users), where you can compare your performance with other SmartRunner athletes around the globe, whether it’s in running or cycling. Also includes voice feedback for one month, in-app charge applies thereafter.


App Name: Nike+

Developer: Nike, Inc.


Meet your training goals with the world’s most popular running app. Nike+ is a complete fitness app, so you won’t need to add on additional features. Record pace, distance and duration with ease, and keep tabs on it all through in-run audio feedback. Program a special playlist to get you through tougher training days. Includes access to Facebook and Path, to have friends encourage or compete against you while you run.


App Name: All-in YOGA: 300 poses & Yoga Classes



If you missed your yoga class today, just pull out your device and follow All-in Yoga. You’ll find over 300 poses demonstrated on HD photo, video and audio, along with 3D muscle models for all poses. Learn how to breathe easy with over 30 pranayama techniques. All-in Yoga also includes over 40 class programs. You can even develop your own!


App Name: One Hundred Push Ups

Developer: SoftwareX


This is the officially recognized iPhone app with the program promising to increase your strength and stamina in six weeks. Follow this plan for just 30 minutes every week, and you’ll go from doing 10 or 20 consecutive push-ups to 100 in no time. Now you’ll have no excuse to get stronger and fitter every day.


App Name: Charity Miles

Developer: Charity Miles


Want to make a difference when you exercise? Then download Charity Miles and contribute to your favorite non-profit agency while you meet your fitness goals. With their initial corporate sponsorship pool of US$1,000,000, this app keeps track of your mileage and calculates the contribution per mile (10¢ for cycling, 25¢ for running or walking). The total then goes to your chosen charity.


App Name: WiScale

Developer: WiThings, S.A.S.


Until you have your next visit to the doctor, you can know all of your vital statistics instantly with WiScale. Monitor your weight, fat and lean mass, BMI, blood pressure and heart rate. Easy-to-understand charts help you to pinpoint exactly your health status and keep you on track for better living. Just input your weight and your blood pressure, and it does all the work for you.


App Name: Nutrition Menu – Calorie, Exercise, Weight & Water Tracking

Developer: Shroomies


Being on diet is difficult enough without the task of figuring out everything you eat. With Nutrition Menu, the hard work has been done for you. All you have to do is enter information in the journal of what you’ve consumed, and the app takes care of the rest. Automatic Food Score calculations allow you to focus on your weight-loss goals or monitor your eating habits, without hassle.


App Name: Food Additives 2



More people than ever are concerned with the additives and preservatives that are present in our everyday foods. Arm yourself with the knowledge about these dangers that could harm your loved ones. Food Additives 2 is a self-contained database (no internet connection necessary), so you can easily look up ingredients and understand their potential risks and symptoms.


App Name: Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker



This handy app enables you to lose weight with the most comprehensive calorie database on the market – over 1.5 million food listings organized in a streamlined format. It will remember your favorite foods and meals and scan barcodes from packages, so data entry is a breeze. Sync information from either your computer or phone and share information with friends to keep each other motivated.


Getting fit and healthy can prove to be more difficult than people first imagine. That is why these apps have been specifically tailored to help you achieve your goals. Making big lifestyle changes may not happen overnight, but being well planned and carefully tracked by these apps will certainly motivate you to long term improvement.

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