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When Docsumo came out, people instantly fell in that app with the popular genre because not only they are fan in general, everyone love the complexity behind them. Docsumo is data entry automation software. It adeptly captures data from documents such as invoices, receipts & forms and actively feeds that data directly to CRM, ERP & accounting software.

Primarily it reduces the time spent on data entry and increases the accuracy of the captured data. Using AI, Docsumo eliminates the need for manual setup or templates. They are simple as uploading or emailing your documents to Google Drive and sending the captured data to your ERP & accounting software with the click of a button.

It is possible to extract data from any document type: structured, semi-structured or unstructured. You can use pre-trained APIs for common document types such as invoices, identity cards, bank statements and forms. You can accelerate digital transformation of your shared services team increase throughput of your operations.

Docsumo Make Your Business Easy

More importantly this Docsumo captures data from any PDF or scanned document by using intelligent OCR and artificial intelligence. It can also automate document workflow by seamlessly integrating Docsumo in your processes. Now users can focus on their building and scaling their business while Docsumo automate your process end-to-end. It immensely save time cost and achieve 98 percent and accuracy in one go.

There is no platform exists in a vacuum. It is since why the Docsumo is built to integrate with your other software. By using plug-in APIs and out-of-the-box input and output connectors, the platform is simply integrated into any workflow. Also with advanced user management, you can professionally monitor who in your company has access to what data.

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