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Do you like blocks game where you can build anything using blocks of different colors. You might have played it in your childhood and loved it. Nowadays, children love to play blocks game and they explore their minds at a very early stage. Infact, they play online games and enjoy a lot. So, today I’m going to introduce you to a unique blocks game which can be played by people regardless of any age. It’s popularly known as I.A.O.E, a super magical hero geometry blocks game which has been developed by MDee App.

I.A.O.E. is the most colorful and difficult platform in the world. Basically, it’s based on the concept of run and jump in order to save yourself from the dangerous obstacles and then win the battle. The game has been updated a few days back and is now with a brand new adventure, new levels, new music, new monsters and everything new. It’s a rhythm-based action platformer where you’ve to jump and fly your way through danger. Once you download and install the game, you’ll be able to begin playing. It’s a very challenging and an impossible mission to achieve. However, it’s very easy to play once you understand the game and practice playing it again and again.

The theme and background of the game is fantastic. You can play online levels, discover new one lands and find the secrets hidden within the world. The main goal of the game is to jump, fly and flip your way through dark caverns and spiky obstacles and  venture together with I.A.O.E. blocks around the world. You can unlock other Geometry Dash character as meltdown Geometry Master and others. The game is easy to play,  but you need to unlock sub zero characters in this arcade lite game which is full of fun, adventure and action. 

You need to pay attention to the game and tap to jump whenever you see any obstacles ahead. You’ll earn 2 points by taking a long jump and if you jump and miss a white tile platform and you don’t have any white tile platforms. So collect as many coins as you can to beat the high scores. The game offers a great number of power ups, bonus rounds, secret blocks and bonus items. You can use the practice mode to sharpen your skills and learn more about the game. Only your skills and strategy will decide how far you can go, so you have to keep the square jumping forward and run as fast as you can and be alert of your surroundings.

Overall, the game will give you a very exciting and fun experience that you’ve never seen. The game is super-addictive that will keep you entertained for hours. The higher you get, the more difficult it is to dash your square away from the dangerous situations and took care in the long dangerous passages and obstacles. You can play this game with friends by connecting to Bluetooth or line in a I.A.O.E war. 

So challenge yourself and stay alive in this impossible fun game!  Try it now!

Pros: impossible dash and jump game; unique gameplay; full of adventure and action; super-addictive; free to play.

Cons: none.

I would like to give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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