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What do you do when you come home after a long day? Everyone has a routine which includes various activities of the day. Well, before going to bed, I write down whatever happened in a day in my personal diary. However, it includes every moment that took place, whether it’s a bad or a good memory. But, when I read my diary after a long time or span, the memories actually fade because I’m not a good writer or I lack in tracing those moments. It seems all my entries are under-rated versions of the actual happenings. Moreover, those words can’t tell you about your mood and emotions, I mean literally. Can they?

So let’s go to the new Android app called Daily Journal app & Guided Diary which is a mood tracker diary app. If you want to cope up with stress and anxiety relief, mindfulness and gratitude, then, keeping a mood tracker by using a daily journal app or a diary is a brilliant way to help you out!

With this journal app your stress and anxiety can be easily reduced with the help of self-care reflection and gratitude journaling. You need to mention a few sentences about yourself in a day. You can write down your thoughts and emotions in the app’s mood tracker diary in the column ‘self reflection’. The app has a special tab which keeps proper track of the number of days you showed up, number of words you have typed and emotions locked and many more things.

The Daily journal app has been published by Mind Story journal and is compatible with all the latest Android Smartphones having 4.0 or any later versions of the OS. This app will help you to track your life, gratitude, levels of stress and anxiety, your mood and many more things. The results of this app are really very good and you’ll see great changes in yourself as the stress levels go down in a very less time.

Daily Journal is an ultimate app, a mindfulness Journal which offers you an inspiring audio guide. It assists you about what to do and how to do in the app. You can create your own stories, track your mood and get insights about your mental health.

It will help you to minimise your depression levels and improve your sleep quality. It is proved that anxiety reduction and anti-stress can be done with the help of gratitude journaling. When you are having a systematic approach with Daily Journal, you can understand your personal goals, social context and avoid all the things that stress you a lot.

Daily Journal helps you achieve all these parameters in a few steps or known as physiological approach. First, You need to write 3-10 sentences about your day, what were you feeling such as happy, lucky, anxious, stressed, etc. Next, you are supposed to enter 3 victories of your day such as the things which made your day. Finally, you will get questions with some audio stories to help you meditate.

Overall, this Daily Journal app is of great use. Everything can be easily achieved with the help of this app whether you have a bad day or you are suffering from depression or having a tough time in taking care of yourself. You can recommend this app to anyone having high stress levels and anxiety especially for the old age persons.

So download Daily Journal app and Guided diary today, if you care for yourself and want to improve!

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