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Moving to a new land is a great challenge every one of us face. In just a second, your social networks, capacity to communicate with others and your knowledge of how the society works disappear. People need to learn everything from the beginning. Homeis comes to your rescue when you want any help abroad.

The app is given by Homeis Inc and belongs to the social networking category. The app has all your needs under one place and allows you to look for jobs, real estate, lawyers, doctors, and much more. There is a search icon in the app and it helps people to get what they are looking for in quite a few minutes. You can text people, call them for a coffee/dinner/drink or even establish a business relationship with them depending on what they do.

The app doesn’t work like any other social network. It gives you the most trusted recommendations from other people. When we live somewhere away from our home country, we need a foreign-born community to give us some best advice on things to do. When the people of our homeland give us some suggestions we can opt for it as they have the same context as us. We believe in the experience of the immigrant who is on the same page and we trust them as it makes things a lot easier. Apart from all of this, Homeis helps you know about all the events that take place so that you never miss anything that people of the same community do. It allows you to form groups with like-minded people and share your passion and hobbies with them as well.

Homeis is a “culture network” for both local and foreign-born communities. The app aims to connect all the immigrants. It helps execute all the critical tasks like finding local services, getting to know more about the new society and connecting with neighbours or local workers who are in the same situation. The updated version of the app has come with an improved image picker and camera. The app keeps you regularly updated so that you don’t miss anything. You must keep the updates turned on for this and in case you have got any queries, the team is always happy to help. You can contact them through the website contact form or send an email.

Homeis is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later versions and with Android 4.3 and above. Homeis is a must-have app to all those who are living abroad. 

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