Layers of Fear :Unsettling. Terrifying. Beautiful. In it’s own scary way.

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Fans of the horror genre may have already heard of Layers of Fear, the hugely successful game which amassed over 5 million players is now on mobile. You can download it on iOS right now, and there’s no better time to play this game than Halloween!

Set in a Victorian style, 19th century mansion, you take on the role of an artist who is insane. Through open-ended exploration and a rich, interactive story, you’ll uncover the fears, visions and horrors driving this poor man mad.

With every turn of the camera, your perception of the surroundings might change. It’s immersion taken to the next level, giving you a real feeling of insanity and distrust of your senses. The way the game aims to scare you is done in a sophisticated, clever way rather than resulting in too many ‘cheap’ scares – one of the things critics praised the most about the game.

Moving around is enjoyable and exploring is the only way to unravel the story – so if you’re thinking about hiding in a corner and waiting for it to all be over, it won’t work. The graphics and audio combine to create a stunningly eerie environment, with massive attention to detail. Maybe you’ll find yourself wanting to stay a little longer!

If that hasn’t convinced you to download the game, it has received multiple 5 star reviews from publications such as Games Radar+, Digitally Downloaded and The Escapist. For fans of the horror genre, this is a title you do not want to miss!

Top tip: Play this game with your headphones in and the lights off.

Download the app now on iOS or visit for more information.

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