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Who Fixes? is the app to find the best service providers in your area and easily solve your problems. It is the Cleaning and Repair Contractor finder app. Before hiring, look for local contractors and check their ratings.

Key Features of Who Fixes?

  • Locate Maintenance, Repair, and Cleaning Personnel.
  • Create an RFQ and send it to everyone at the same time.
  • Get the quotes and compare them.
  • Before hiring, review worker ratings and feedback.
  • Use our App to communicate with workers.
  • Keep your contact details private until you decide which employee to hire.

What benefit does it offer me?

They solve your daily problems by connecting you with several local workers and businesses that can help you. Furthermore, we provide you with the resources to send RFQ to all of them at once and the option to compare price and reputation before hiring.

The App only connects you to workers and businesses; they are not employees or associates of our company. You can consider it an improved version of Google Search.

How should it be used?

  • Install the App and create an account using social media (Apple, Google, or Facebook) or manually.
  • Select a category and the required service, and then complete a small form with the requested information.
  • Enter the address where the service will be performed or where you are located, view a list of workers nearby, select which ones will compete for your work, and submit the RFQ.
  • Begin receiving quotes in the “Requests” section and compare prices and reputation. Pick the one that best meets your relevant requirements.
  • Contact the Professional by phone or through our in-app chat to arrange payment and a schedule.
  • After the service, evaluate your experience and offer assistance to other customers.

How Will This App Benefit Users’ Company?

They bring new customers from your area who are likely unfamiliar with your company. Using this App, you will receive RFQs and be able to generate estimates and send them without leaving the App.

Final Thoughts

As a fan of this App, I’ve found Who Fixes? an amazing accolade gem among the recent flood of popular apps on the App Store.

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