Start your own cryptocurrency exchange

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Start your own cryptocurrency exchange

Entrepreneurs and innovators drive the world of business. The business world constantly evolving and the wise business men come up with new business models. Supported by technology, the new innovation makes the life easier, safer and happier.

One of the modern day business model is cryptocurrency exchange. Considering the constantly changing money market, crypto trading is a good choice of business.

There are numbers of investors looking for good platforms to do the crypto trading in safer way. Many tools and platforms available in market, but still there is an opportunity for new start-ups.

CryptoEx is a white label cryptocurrency exchange solution designed to cater this need. The software is developed as Turnkey (Ready to Install ) Application.

It readily supports BTC, LTC, Zcash, Dash, BCH, XMR, Doge and ETH. It also supports ERC20 Tokens. As a business owner, you can create trade-pair with any currencies like USD, EUR, GBP.

The software also includes modules for Trade Settlements, KYC ( Know Your Customer) and AML ( Anti Money Laundering )

Full functional demo is available. Please click the link below for demo request.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Demo Server Details

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