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wealth_wordsHave you ever played puzzle games for real money? I’m not talking about gambling, but about crossword puzzles! I’m sure you haven’t played them for real money! Because there have been no such games developed before Wealth Words. Yes, Wealth words is an amazing, exciting and fun crossword puzzle game that takes your puzzling experience to the next level with real money to be won! It’s an easy and exciting online puzzle game especially if you love playing puzzle games.

 Wealth words has been developed by an American Tech Company. You can play this game by registering on the website itself. It’s a cross-platform app! You can click the “Play Now” button and it will navigate it to the new user Login screen. You can create a new account using your Facebook account or by submitting details. Once you’ve filled in the required information, you’ll be ready to purchase your Tokens and begin playing. The purchase can be made to your PayPal account or your Credit Card via the guest PayPal payment option. You can purchase multiple token packages as well. The cost of 1 token is US $2, but you can purchase them according to your wealth.

Now, the question is how to play the game? You have to simply fill in the single blank with correct letters and words and click Submit, and wait to see if you’re the winner. There will be only one correct answer to each clue, so read the clues carefully to make sure you’ve submitted the best answers! You can submit as many entries as you would like while the puzzle is active. Play as fast as you can because you’ll be provided with one-hour to submit your answers.

To cash out your winnings, you will also require a PayPal account. If you don’t have, you can create a new account! It ensures that your financial information is only shared with PayPal. The currency will be converted into the local currency when you cash out your winnings. You can further purchase more Tokens using that money. Remember, the token once purchased are non-refundable.

There are different aspects of Wealth words. Firstly, you can play it wherever you are, whether it’s a bathroom, cafe or a rainforest and whenever you like. All you need to have a good Internet Connection in your phone! Secondly, you can have hours of entertainment with wealth words and you can win real money. Double your happiness by sharing your winnings with your friends on the social media!

The regular prize of the wealth words has two divisions of cash prizes. If a player has given 20 correct answers for the 20 clues, he will be awarded a Division 1 prize. If a player has given a maximum of 19 correct answers out of 20, then a Division 2 prize will be awarded. A single puzzle with a single submission can only win in one Division. The prize money will be set accordingly.

Overall, it’s a game of skill, not luck as it’s not promoting gambling. So play it carefully and win prizes!

Pros: cross-platform puzzle; simple and easy; fun crossword puzzle; super-addictive; purchase tokens and win cash via PayPal; safe & secure.

Cons: Internet connection is always required.

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