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Do you know our daily lives are significantly affected by rhythmic Cycles. Recently, some of the celebrities faced traumas. The cases showed that their Biorhythms were not good. Was it a coincidence or it really happened? Probably, it happened due to some health issues! If they performed some of the activities by ignoring their health and did something that their body was not supposed to do! This could happen in your life too, if you ignore your health like them! So prevention is better than cure. You need to protect yourself by checking biorhythm daily. If you are lacking somewhere in your health, such as stamina, emotions, etc., You should avoid those unreasonable activities for some days and check your Biorhythm daily using a tool known as Biorhythm Ω.

Biorhythm can be referenced in all the areas of your life, such as education, sports, any profession, business or anything else. It’s a beneficial app for your future and can save your life too. Basically, it’s a psychological cycle of four rhythms such as physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive. These cycles are repeated in a uniform pattern which is based on your birth date. There is a difference in activity efficiency or ability depending on the combination of these patterns. Biorhythms will basically advise your future.

The 4 rhythm cycles and their calculations are given in the app where d signifies the number of days of living. Each rhythm has a value from -100 to +100 and this value indicates the status. There are two stages: Low and High. If the value occurs between -100 to -1, then it’s a low stage and if it is between +1 to +100, then it’s a high stage. There are dangerous days as well, where you need to avoid the activities that may harm you and reduce your stamina. They are calculated as dangerous days: 0 (at the time of transition from + value to – value or from – value to + value).

There are easy to see graphs which help you understand your Biorhythms. The app displays these 4 rhythms as values as well as graphs. You can integrate multiple users’ Biorhythms at a time and calculate the average of two or more users’ Biorhythms. Unlike other apps, Biorhythm has additional features which make it different. The app provides accurate data using formal algorithms. You can even send Biorhythm using messages or email.

Moreover, the app is able to give access to your future Biorhythms as well as Biorhythms of 31 days approximately. You can change dates easily to view Biorhythms on multiple dates and connect with the analysis function.

Biorhythm Ω has been developed by Jeonghwan Kim and is available in different languages such as English, French, German, etc. It requires iOS 11.0 or later version of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app is available on the iTunes Store at just $1.99. This current version of the app has fixed intermittent memory errors. If you have any questions regarding the app, you can use the email function of the app at any time. 

So get the app now from the iTunes Store! It’s just superb.

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