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A couple of days ago a friend of mine was discussing data security on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Eventually, he mentioned the app that I am reviewing today – XNSPY. At first, I said that sounds like more of a cell phone spy sort of thing for monitoring and tracking of devices rather than data security. That’s when he informed me about the multiple uses of this multi-purpose monitoring and tracking app. My friend uses it for himself as a partial backup and a failsafe for worst case scenarios such as phone theft and loss; he also uses it for monitoring his kids. Although at first, I thought that was the most this app could be used for, seeing its many features and functionalities. I knew it could be used in many other situations and environments such as businesses keeping track of their assets and keeping an eye on employee productivity. Also, if a person wanted to play detective this would be the ideal tool.


This app has some attributes that set it apart from most of the competition, I searched to see similar apps and found a lot, but they always compromised on some aspect such as price, stealth, functionality, etc. XNSPY is pretty balanced with respect to the factors we just mentioned, it’s reasonably priced, has a stealth mode and pretty decent functionality. Another thing which I found to my liking was that it had two packages – a Basic Edition and a Premium Edition. These allowed for customers to choose according to their requirements and not pay for anything extra, which they do not need. The Basic Edition costs as low as $8.32/month and the Premium as low as $12.49/month.

This cell phone spy can be installed on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices as well as on jailbreak and no-jailbreak devices. Although, there is a functionality difference as more options are available for the rooted and jailbroken phones and tablets. For installation on Android and jailbroken iOS devices you need physical access to the device, it needs to be installed on. For the no-jailbreak version you just require the iCloud login credentials. A complete installation guide is included along with your login and activation code that is given to you when you make your purchase.


XNSPY offers a vast array of features, some of them I will mention here and for the rest, I highly recommend that you visit their official website. First of all, they have a web-based control panel that is a major plus since you can access it from anywhere with a suitable browser and a decent Internet connection. They also have a dashboard app for the Android OS, meaning the app user can install it on his smart device and monitor from it; the iOS version of the dashboard app is currently under production.

Once the app is installed it immediately goes into stealth mode using very little RAM and does not put a strain on the battery. This is excellent as it does not cause problems for the device user i.e. slow device performance, increased battery drain, etc.

Among its many notable features, it gives the app user the ability to view all contacts, see all call records, and set up alerts on the target device; so that when a specific contact is either called or calls and/or is texted or sends a text the app user is notified. It allows the app user to remotely read all SMS conversations be it incoming or outgoing as well as the capability to read IM Chat conversations from such chat apps as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc. The user can also view the browsing history and bookmarks on the target device as well as view calendar schedules. Another extremely powerful feature that has to be mentioned is that it allows remote locking and remote deletion of data on the target device; in the case of theft or loss of the device this functionality proves invaluable. Also, no cell phone spy would be complete without location tracking, Geofencing and call recording functionality.

Having mentioned several important features of the app I will mention some of its pros and cons and then move onto the final verdict.


  • Relatively small size – doesn’t take up too much space
  • Little battery drainage
  • Stealth mode, discrete in nature, uses little RAM
  • Web-based dashboard for remote viewing, reading and controlling features.
  • The single online interface can monitor multiple devices.


  • User cannot remove individual apps
  • User cannot delete specific data
  • The user has to purchase a separate license for use on each device.

Final Verdict:

In the end, I just want to say that XNSPY is probably one of the best monitoring and tracking apps out there with respect to balance in price, features, and overall user friendliness. Given they need to increase their functionality a bit to allow for the manipulation of specific data and apps and if they could give a bundle package deal for more than one device; it could easily top off as the best app in its category.


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